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Department of Mechanics "Radu P. Voinea"


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Fundamental courses


Course of mechanics in Romanian:    N. Manafi - Bazele mecanicii aplicate

Course of mechanics in English:    R. Voinea, I. Stroe, M. V. Predoi - Technical Mechanics


The fundamental courses taught in the Department of Mechanics of the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest are addressed to the first university study cycle (license studies of 4 years).



The courses make students familiar with the fundamental notions, principles and methods of the statics, kinematics, dynamics, analytical mechanics and mechanical vibrations, such as:

  • mechanical interactions and constraints between bodies;

  • equilibrium of bodies and of systems of bodies;

  • geometrical aspect of the motion of a material point and of a rigid body;

  • dependence of the nature of the motion on the reference frame;

  • the way interactions between bodies determine their motion;

  • conditions, physical significance and practical consequences of conservation of certain mechanical quantities;

  • effects of shocks;

  • causes, effects and characteristics of periodical motions.

Students will understand the general stages of solving a technical problem which involves mechanical phenomena:

  • modeling of bodies and of systems of bodies;

  • study by analytical, numerical and experimental methods;

  • interpretation of the results.

The courses intend, also, to form a common, standard and accurate technical language, indispensable for the communication in multidisciplinary engineering teams.


Applications that accompany the courses are designed in such a manner, that students:

  • gain the ability to model real mechanical systems by means of the simplified concepts of material point and rigid body;

  • develop the capability to apply in practical problems the studied theoretical principles and analytical methods;

  • understand and compare the applicability conditions, the advantages and the limits of various study methods;

  • stimulate the creativity of the students and the interactive participation to the solving of the proposed problems.


Specific competencies

Graduates of the courses will achieve the following specific competences:

  • identification and understanding of the functioning of mechanical devices and components in industrial systems of various kinds (heat, hydraulic and electrical machines and installations; road, railway and air vehicles; biotechnical, chemical and metallurgical installations and devices; manufacturing tools, industrial robots and automatic systems; small size devices and electromechanical components);

  • modeling, formulating and solving of mechanics problems involved in industry.


Specialized courses


The specialized courses taught in the Department of Mechanics of the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest are addressed to the Master program.



List of courses





Electrical Engineering


Power Engineering



Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers

Mechanics 1

Mechanics 2

Complements of Mechanics

Vibrations of Elastic Media

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanics 1

Mechanics 2

Vibrations of Complex Systems

Engineering and Management of Tehnological Systems

Mechanics 1

Mechanics 2

Mechanics 3

Elements of mechanical engineering

Mechanical Vibrations

Technical Acoustics

Biotechnical Systems


Mechanics 1

Mechanics 2


Mechanics - Statics, Kinematics

Dynamics of the Solids. Analytical Mechanics

Aerospace Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering

Theoretical Mechanics

Mechanics 1

Mechanics 2

Mechanics 3





Technische Mechanik

Technische Mechanik 1


Engineering Taught in Modern Languages

Elements of mechanical engineering

Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science



Technologies, equipments and installations

Faculty of Entrepreuneurship, Business Engineering and Management


Noise And Vibration Control


Dynamics Of Machines And Mechanical Structures



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