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accredited by ARACIS (, position 144)


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Vibroacoustical phenomena that occur during functioning of mechanical machines and equipments produce harmful effects on residential and working areas. As a result, the necessity appears to adopt technical solutions designed to reduce these pollution sources up to levels allowed by the international norms regarding life and work conditions. Directives 2000/14 EC and 2002/44 EC of the Council of Europe set strict limits on levels of acceptable noise and vibration.

In order to answer these needs, a field of study called "Noise and Vibration Control" came into existence. The field represents a set of methods consisting in:

  • analysis of acoustic field with all its aspects (production, propagation, reception, control, protection);

  • analysis of vibrational behavior of systems;

  • determining the degree of harmfulness of vibroacoustical effects;

  • finding measures to reduce the levels of these effects, up to limits allowed by existing norms, satisfying, at the same time, economic criteria.

In most technical universities in the United States, Canada and European Union (Auburn University, Al., U. S. A.; Waterloo University, McGill University and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal in Canada; T. U. Munchen and T. U. Aachen in Europe etc.) programs specialized in this area have been introduced.

One of the first programs of this kind in Romania is carried out since 1995 at the Department of Mechanics in the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, initially in the framework of Advanced Studies post-graduate courses, and at present as a Master specialization.



Specific competencies

The purpose of the Master program "Noise and Vibration Control" is to provide graduates of license studies enhanced complementary competencies, such as:

  • knowledge of modern equipment for noise and vibration measuring;

  • measurement, processing and interpretation of experimental vibroacoustical data;

  • knowledge of national and international norms concerning the accepted levels of noise and vibration;

  • impact assessment of noise and vibration pollution upon humans and environment, in all fields of activity, as well as establishing ways to reduce it;

  • assessment of proper functioning of machineries, equipments or other complex systems, from the vibroacoustical point of view;

  • monitoring the performance of the analyzed systems, based on experimental determinations of noise and vibration;

  • establishing appropriate working domains of machines and equipments, as well as domains of compliance with the legislation;

  • prediction of levels of noise and vibration for the surveyed systems and facilities;

  • design of protection and control systems of noise and vibration pollution, suited to each analyzed system and problem;

  • adopting adequate technical solutions regarding the design, manufacture and maintenance of products, which meet vibroacoustical protection requirements of humans and environment;

  • developing managerial skills in technical acoustics, for government agencies, local authorities, industrial units, research institutes, control and homologation units.

Starting with the academic year 2012-2013, the Master program "Noise and Vibration Control" activates in the frame of a partnership between University "Politehnica" of Bucharest and S.C. RENAULT TECHNOLOGIE ROUMANIE S.R.L. (RTR). This partnership is institutionalized by a three-year contract (until the year 2015), with possibilities of extension and improvement.



Objectives of the partnership

  • to attract to this study program the best graduates of the license studies;

  • to ensure for the students, during the study period, a favorable framework for professional training and achieving of competencies specific to the general domain of vibroacoustics, as well as of competencies specific to S. C. RENAULT TECHNOLOGIE ROUMANIE S.R.L. partner ; the partner intends to employ a part of the graduates;

  • to maintain the global characteristics of the study program, accredited by ARACIS.


In order to achieve these objectives, the partners agree to the study plan of "Noise and Vibration Control" master program and engage into its accomplishment by

  • ensuring a highly qualified didactic staff, with competencies in the taught disciplines;

  • using the material base of the Department of Mechanics in the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest;

  • organizing study visits and practice stages in  S.C. RENAULT TECHNOLOGIE ROUMANIE S.R.L. locations;

  • allowing the students to access RTR specific software;

  • organizing semestrial meetings and debates between the teaching staff in University "Politehnica" of Bucharest and RTR specialists, on topics regarding the problems of the partners, specific to the study program, as well as the development of new collaboration domains.


Career opportunities

The Master specialization "Noise and Vibration Control", offers multiple perspectives of integration in the labor market in our country, in Europe and worldwide, such as:

  • scientific researcher in the field of technical acoustics and vibration of systems;

  • design of machinery, as well as complex installations and structures, with responsibilities for acoustical and vibrational behavior;

  • design of protection systems against the effects of noise and vibration;

  • design of control systems of noise and vibration pollution;

  • expert in the field of environment and life quality, in problems of noise and vibration;

  • inspector for environment protection;

  • inspector for work safety;

  • specialist in operation of noise and vibration monitoring equipment;

  • marketing specialist in noise and vibration monitoring equipment.


Target groups

This Master program is addressed to graduates of the first university study cycle (license studies of 4 years), as well as to graduates of the old structure university studies (license studies of 5 years), of the faculties in University "Politehnica" of Bucharest or in other technical universities, with profiles of:

  • mechanical engineering, such as Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technological Engineering, Transports, Biotechnical Systems Engineering;

  • elctromechanical and electrical engineering, such as Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology;

  • engineering of other types than the ones in U. P. B., such as Structural Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, military technical faculties;

  • any other type, which need, by the nature of their activity, competencies in the domain of the present Master program.




(study program for 2018-2020, 2019-2021, 2020-2022 cycles)


Nr. crt.

Denumirea disciplinei



Vibration of Systems



Fundamentals of Acoustics 1


Vibration and Acoustical Measurement 1


Management of Noise and Vibration Pollution Control


Scientific Research 1


Vibration Control Methods



Fundamentals of Acoustics 2


Vibroacoustical Measurement - Acquisition and Processing of Experimental Data  (LabVIEW)


Approximate Methods - Finite Element Method in Vibroacoustics


Project Management


Scientific Research 2


Nonlinear and Random Vibrations /

Applied Mathematics in Technical Acoustics *


Adolescent, Youngster and Adult Psychopedagogy **


Multimedia in Education **


Computer Aided Design in Vibroacoustics (CATIA)



Vibration and Acoustical Measurement 2


Noise Control Methods


Design of Noise and Vibration Dampers


Norms, Regulations and Labor Protection in Noise and Vibration


Scientific Research 3


Vibroacoustic Diagnose and Monitoring /

Special Problems of Vibration and Acoustics *


Domain Didactics and Developments in Specialisation (Secondary and Postecondary   Education) **


Intercultural Education **


Academic Ethics and Integrity



Scientific Research, Practice and Preparation of the Dissertation Thesis


Pedagogic Practice (Secondary and Postecondary Education) **


Graduation Exam, Level II (Psychopedagogic Modulus) **


                                       *  Optional disciplines

                                       ** Facultative disciplines


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